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Dr. Alphonsa Rahman


It is with great honor and excitement that I address you today as President of Kairali of Baltimore for the year 2024. I wish you a Happy New Year with new hopes and new beginnings. May the Spirit of Peace, Joy, and Love continue throughout your hearts, homes, and communities. Congratulations to the 2023 president Vijoy Pattammadi and his team for a fantastic year. We will do our best to take your spirit, carry it forward in the New Year with all the enthusiasm.

I am committed to continuing the legacy of Kairali and taking it to the next level with all of your support, prayers, blessings and engagement. I have a battalion of committee members who are charged and ready for the mission as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Kairali of Baltimore! 

We have been growing every year since the founding of Kairali in 1984, and so do our committees. This year, we have added two more committees based on our needs: The Next Generation Committee to engage and empower our youth and the Helping Hands Committee to serve the needy and vulnerable in the community. My vision for this year is to engage our youth and to empower them to continue the legacy of Kairali with the tagline of “Our Youth, Our Legacy, Empowering the Future”. 

Many cultural, community service and humanitarian activities are planned for the year to connect and build trusting relationships. We will do our best to bring our rich South Indian culture to our communities and instill those values and traditions in our children. 

Let us work together as one, for the betterment of ourselves, our families, and our community and make 2024 a year of cherished memories. Please join me heart to heart and hand in hand to make that vision a reality. Thank you. God bless you all! 

Dr. Alphonsa Rahman


Kairali of Baltimore

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